I have had great fun and pleasure writing my blog for everyone to read! Hope you’s liked it. 

I will be continuing to write my blog on the summer ‘Hidden Gems Of The HighStreet’  so if anyone has dug out summer bargains all ready, just leave a comment and e-mail your pics as I would love to blog about your bargains and fashion finds!

Keep reading and commenting as you might just find a gorgeous item this summer!!


As you will all agree I have had some lush outfits on the blog….this is your chance to decide which is the best outfit….it’s between the ‘maxi’ dress and the ‘bonjour’ outfit….have a vote 🙂

EyeLash extensions, are they really worth the hassel?!

As you know, I have been on a fabulous holiday to Egypt. It was lovely, however, my eyelashes were not!

I thought I would invest in some eyelash extensions to save wearing mascara through the day and still look glam-ish. I have got them on at beauty salons a few times before and they have been great, stayed on for about 3 weeks, pretty good I must say . . . especially for £20.

But me being me, I thought I would go for the cheaper option (I am a student after all) and got a friend of a friends mam to put them on for a measley £10!

At first they were gorgeous, looked a bit like spiders legs, but all in all, gorgeous! I was happy with my bargain.

Then I went on holiday and that is where they ended.

Swimming pools, suncreams, sunglasses, spa treatments and snorkelling in the sea did not have a good affect on my ‘Katie Price’  like lashes. I was losing an individual lash,  from only one eye everyday, strange I know….

They looked totally odd, one eye lovely full of lashes and one with only 2 lashes on. I was getting sick of them and my boyfriend was well and truely getting sick of them, but I wasn’t expecting what was coming next. . . he yanked the only 2 lashes I had left on my left eye (only trying to fix them…apparently!) I was furious and looked like some, half made-up drag queen.

 I was forced to pull them all off and God did it hurt!


It made me think… were they really worth the ‘fake look’ ?

 If you know me, then you will already be aware of my passion for purple!

I think it is fair to say that I am obsessed with the colour PURPLEEEEE!! ❤ ❤

Purple Coat

Purple Shoes

Purple Hairbands

Purple Earrings

Purple Everything! & and in my eyes it will never go out of fashion…

I even went as far as getting a purple laptop and i pod for Christmas, buying my boyfriend a purple hoody for Valentines day and now my bed room is getting painted, yes you guessed it, purple!


As we all know, anything to do with net and lace, whether its leggings, crops or dresses, they have been a MUST-HAVE this winter season. . .

And God have they been sexy!
But I can’t help wonder when this fashion is going to faze!
As much as I have loved to see the fleshy fashion fix, I must be honest and say, Im pretty bored with it now.
I want to see pastels, bohemian paterns, gold chunky jewellery and vintage vests this summer, I do not want to see my nan’s net curtains, that she hung-up on her living room window about 5 years ago!!

If You See Any OutFits You Like, Just Drop Me A Comment And I Will Give You All The Details Of Where To Buy And How Much! 🙂

Flowers Flowers Flowers

Check These Pictures Out For Gorgeous Summer Accessories!

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The run up to a holiday is so exciting and mine was no exception. I was going to Egypt!!

I shopped till I dropped for new gladiator sandels, sarongs and sunglasses, and had enough outfits to last a month nevermind a week! … But there was something I have always been intrigued about, the maxi dress!

I have always thought they look chic with glads, chunky bangels and dangley necklaces, but would they suit my 5’5, curvey figure?

It wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t rushing around on the day before my flight to find last minute gems for my holiday and whilst browsing New Look, I came across the maxi of my dreams . . .for £30, plus student discount, you cant go wrong! Its a keeper!!

What do you think about the maxi dress coming back in trend this summer and will you be brave enough to try it? …. You might just pull it off like meee 🙂

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Rock Chic Meets Grunge, with this jaw dropping bargain from Primark Babyyy!!!

It most definitely is bargain of the week, at just £11!!!!

An essential for a glam but chilly night on the tiles! Team up with skinny jeans and a plain vest or a super short sleeved T-Shirt with heels, or for a more ‘dressy’ look, a simple black clingy dress and clutch, which I must admit, looks fab on my mate Charlotte!

The georgous waistcoat, is leather ( not real of course, it was from Primark!!) and has shoulder beaded detail, to jazz up any outfit!

The delicate, but effective beaded detail on the shoulders are a glimmering purple, however in different lights and shades can be seen as bronze or silver!


Talk about finding a bargain! I found the treasure in the  Dorothy Perkins sale and I couldnt be more happier!

£15 . . . yes, you read right!

After being obsessed with purple (purple laptop, purple i pod, purple coat)…to name a few..the in colour in my opinion! I came across these beauties and I can honestly say…they are the most comfortable heels I have have ever owned, and I own ALOT! ….Nothing to do with being a little drunk.

I lasted all night on the dancefloor and only slipped once, but to my defence, it was a slippy floor! The very high heel, gives loads of height and slenders down those pins, ready for a night on the razzel.

These Glam, Purple ‘Slag Slippers’ are a must on a glossy, girls night out!

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